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Homeowner Association Lien Services

Pacific Association Collections represents homeowner associations and mutual water companies throughout California in collecting delinquent assessments. No initial fee or deposit is required. While our collection procedures rarely require us to proceed to foreclosure, our firm uses the non-judicial foreclosure process when it becomes necessary. As a foreclosure trustee, PAC handles all aspects of the foreclosure when required. If a judicial foreclosure makes more sense, we will have one of our attorneys call you to explain all options available to your homeowners association.

No Initial Fee Assessment Collections

Assessment Lien and Foreclosure Services

The "No Initial Fee Assessment Collection Service" provides the following benefits to homeowner associations:

  1. No upfront fees or deposit is required. All fees and costs are billed directly to the delinquent homeowner.
  2. We make certain that our collection process fully complies with the California Civil Code, the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and your association's CC&Rs.
  3. Our HOA assessment collection experts monitor real estate lender activity and provide advice to your association board on what collection action is most cost-effective given all facts to be considered.
  4. While only a small percentage of delinquent homeowners file for bankruptcy protection, we can provide your association's board with all available options should it be necessary.
  5. While homeowner associations are rarely faced with the option of foreclosing on a property, we can advise your board on all aspects of foreclosures. PAC is a foreclosure trustee. If requested, we can also provide advice on dealing with any occupants, management, insurance, and the disposition of the property.

Video Recorded 2020.

Video Recorded 2020.

Pacific Association Collections

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