Important Resources


HOA Inspector of Elections
Serving All of California


Free Homeowner Association Board Training Seminars
Limited to California
In Person or Teleconference


Escrow Services for Homeowner Associations
Serving California Management Companies and HOAs


Independent Insurance Brokers - Agents
Serving All of California


HOA Recording Secretary Services
Serving All of California by Zoom


Christian Business Directory
Christian Advertising, Branding, and Marketing


Judgment Collections
All California Court Judgments
Contingency Basis Collections


Reserve Studies
Serving Southern California Since 1996


Property Management Expert Witness
Homeowner Associations, Apartments, Rental Homes, Commercial Properties, Premises Liability, Standards of Care


Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act
California Civil Code Sections 4000 - 6150
HOA Law in California
Davis-Stirling Act



Litigation Glossary