Payment Plans for Delinquent Homeowners

The management of Pacific Association Collections (PAC) is well aware of the fact that sometimes unfortunate events occur that effect the ability of homeowners to pay their homeowner association assessments. We understand that when a person falls behind in paying their HOA assessments, it is almost never intentional.

Problems that interfere with an owner's ability to pay their assessments may be temporary, long-term, or permanent. If the problem is temporary, such as the loss of a job, and can be cured in a short period of time, a payment plan may be appropriate.

If you believe a payment plan will allow you to get your account current within a reasonable period of time, we urge you to contact us now. Entering into a payment plan requires a reasonable initial payment and a written commitment to make monthly payments until your account is current. Most importantly, a payment plan can stop any further collection costs and very possibly a collection lawsuit or the loss of your property by foreclosure.

If your financial situation is such that a realistic payment plan will not permit you to make payments that will bring your account current within a reasonable period of time, you may need to sell your property and move to a less costly property. If that is the case, please contact us. We can refer you to real estate agents that have buyers who can close a sale escrow in just a matter of days, while charging a reduced commission.

Do not lose your property to foreclosure and do not incur unnecessary collection costs. Contact us today. We can help you while helping your homeowner association.

Pacific Association Collections