Documents Requested in Subpoena

The following documents will be demanded from the judgment debtor before a debtor's examination is started:


  • Checkbooks, passbooks, money market statements, mutual fund statements, certificate of deposit.
  • Stock certificates.
  • Title ("pink slip") to any motor vehicles.
  • Promissory notes payable to judgment debtor and / or his / her spouse evidencing debts owed by others together with any deeds of trust.
  • Receipts for property owned by judgment debtor or his / her spouse but held by third parties.
  • Deeds to real estate.
  • Pay Stubs (judgment debtor's and spouse's).
  • General Ledger for business debtors and independent contractors.
  • Invoices submitted for goods and services delivered by judgment debtor or his / her business to third parties (accounts receivable).
  • Life insurance policies of judgment debtor and his / her spouse.
  • Patents, copyright certificates, trademark registration certificates, royalty contracts for books, music, film, computer software, art, etc.
  • Certificates of title to personal property other than motor vehicles (such as valuable animals).
  • Bankruptcy papers (if petition was filed within the previous eight years).
  • Leases which judgment debtor signed as a landlord or a tenant.
  • Applications for credit made within the previous three years.
  • Most recent copies of cancelled checks paid by any tenants (if judgment debtor is landlord).
  • Trust instrument, if judgment debtor is trustee or beneficiary of a trust.
  • Statements from IRA or other pension fund.
  • Copies of child or spousal support order (if judgment debtor is paying or receiving either).
  • Bill of sale for property sold within previous twelve months.
  • Copies of any current occupational license(s); copies of any occupational certification(s).
  • Receipts for funds placed in escrow.
  • Pawnbroker receipts.
  • Determination of Worker's Compensation eligibility and award.
  • Copies of judgments against judgment debtor, copies of any judgments judgment debtor has against another party, copies of any court filed papers in any cases in which judgment debtor or his / her business or spouse are currently a party.

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