Foreclosure Resolution and Minutes
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Association: __________________________

This resolution was adopted by a majority vote of the board of directors at a duly held Executive Session held on the _______ day of________________, 20___.

WHEREAS, the Association previously recorded, pursuant to Section 5673 of the Civil Code, a lien against parcel number___________ for delinquent assessments;

WHEREAS, Section 5705 of the Civil Code requires the board of directors to authorize, by majority vote of the board in executive session, the foreclosure of a lien for delinquent assessments;

WHEREAS, the Owner is now delinquent in the payment of regular or special assessments in an amount that equals or exceeds $_______________exclusive of any accelerated assessments, late charges, fees and costs of collection, attorney's fees, or interest; and/or which are more than twelve months delinquent; Pacific Association Collections

RESOLVED, the Association authorizes Pacific Association Collections to foreclose on the lien to recover the delinquent amounts and any late fees, interest charges, and other collection-related amounts.


_______________________________                  ________________________________

Signature of Authorized Board Member                  Signature of Authorized Board Member

Title: ____________________________                Title: ____________________________



Signature of Authorized Board Member


Pacific Association Collections